Group Exhibition2015-2018 

Group Exhibition2015-2018 

Umeda No.0 Exhibition

I participated in the group exhibition held every year at Shibata-cho Gallery.It was a good experience to work with people from various genres in the same painting.Because it was a small size of No. 0, we exhibited works on hemp fabrics with fine eyes.

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Big Sansation Exhibition

Gallery Den was in The Kyoto Town Moat in Osaka.It is also the gallery where I was able to have my first solo exhibition.At that time, I was able to organize a Visual Sansation exhibition and participated in it.I remember meeting with the members before the exhibition and trial and error on how to exhibit them.Gallery Den was later relocated to Nanzancastle Village in Kyoto.The history of the Visual Sansation exhibition continued and was held until vol.6.The Big Sansation exhibition was held by a total of 30 artists who participated in the visual sansation exhibition from vol.6, using two venues in The Gallery Den mym and Air Nanzanjo Village.There were a lot of discussions among artists, such as transportation, unloading, and exhibition methods, and i think it was also an opportunity for artists of the same generation based in Kansai to connect.

Exhibition of Works and Blues in Nakashima

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Among the gallery morning artists, the owner noticed that there are many people from The Island Academy of Fine Arts in the middle, and they called out to me.I was able to get to know Mr. Nariyama through this connection, but the other people were seniors and i met him at Nakashima Academy of Fine Arts.I am still learning from my seniors the fun of expressing familiar things with sketches and the warm look that makes me look at everyday life as a painter.My own work is not necessarily about drawing reality, but it was here that i began to find painting interesting in the early days.