Chigusa YUKI


Yuki Chigusa

1978 Born in Osaka

2002 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Art, Department of Art, Oil Painting

2004 Completed oil painting, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts

The Exhibition

2019 “Guguru Potil Sustainable Exhibition” Gallery Ekaze / Kyoto

2018 “Materials and Close View” GALLERY Ami -Kanoko/ Osaka

2017 GOOD LUCK Hai-Zai x Art Project/Osaka

2017 Shimano Coffee Hai-Zai x Art Project / Osaka

2016 “-And Kobe What’s going to happen to Pasta Tasso-go rice” / Space31 Kobe

2016 “Keiro Hibiki Taso-go Rice” Gallery Efu 1F/Kyoto

2015 “The Day Pasta Came to The Tea Field” AIR Minamiyamacastle Village/ Kyoto

2014 “A Trip to the River of Pasta” Gallery Ekaze 1F/ Kyoto

2011 “He Delivers Hors D’Oeuvres in the Wilderness” neutron Tokyo 3F

2011 “Delicious Praise” 2kw Gallery/ Osaka

2010 “Table Utopia” art gallery Sora- Osaka

2010 “Ise shrimp and tiger sit on the sunny table” neutron Kyoto

2009 “RESTAURANT” Gallery Den58/ Osaka

2009 “Dalmatian stands on the banks of melted ice” neutron Tokyo 3F

2007 Coastal Street Gallery CASO/Osaka

2005 Gallery Chrysanthemum Entrance/ Osaka

2005 Gallery Den/Osaka

2004 Ishida Taiseisha 2F Cafe Brunch/ Kyoto

2003 Gallery Den/Osaka

Group Exhibition

2019 “Gochiso-Cho” KUNST ARZT/ Kyoto

2019 PRISM 2019 Contemporary Art Gallery Zone/Osaka

2018 “Umeda No.0 Exhibition” Shibata-cho Gallery, Osaka

2017 “Big Sansation” Gallry Den mym/ Kyoto

2017 “Peach Girl ♡ Festival” Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 5F West Park/ Tokyo

2017 “Neko Lovers” Isetan Shinjuku Store Honkan 5F West Park/ Tokyo

2016 “6th Tenmatsuri 1-8” Sokamiji Temple, Tokyo

2016 “1st Nippon N.Y., “Exciting Creator” Marugoto-3F Tokyo

2016 “KAYARISM” Isetan Shinjuku Store Honkan 5F West Park/ Tokyo

2016 “Delusion Super Express ☆ Premium” Shirahakuan / Tokyo

2016 “Spring Noodles” Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Head Office 5F Daily Japanese Dishes / Tokyo

2015 “Enka: Nakashima Blues” gallery morning/ Kyoto


2015 “Rice Food” Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Head Office 5F Daily Japanese Dishes / Tokyo

2015 “Modulated Polyrhythm” Shirahakuan/ Tokyo

2012 “Heartful Artful” Seibu Shibuya Store B-building Special Venue In Tokyo

2012 2kw Substation Plan 2kw gallery/Osaka

2010 “home sweet home neutron” Tokyo

2008 “Rock and Roll Audience” millibar GALLERY, Osaka

2007 Painting 2007 x observation image CoastAl Gallery CASO/Osaka

2006 concrete 2006 Contemporary Gallery/ Kyoto

2005 concrete 2005 Gallery Chrysanthemum / Osaka

2004 “Visual Sensation vol.1” Gallery Den Osaka

Winners and Awards

2000 Yoshitaro Migishi And Setsuko Prize Exhibition

2001 International Takifuji Art Award 22nd Scholarship

2002 16th Mihama Art Exhibition Grand Prize

2003 Holbein Scholarship 17th Scholarship