Events in Hakuhakuan

Events in Hakuhakuan

Modulated Policism Exhibition

We organized a two-person exhibition with ceramic artist Ryota Shiotani. During the exhibition, we decided to hold a sake club, a tea party, and a flower ing workshop. We presented mainly the food series we were working on at the time, but we had a title for the workshop, and in accordance with the exhibition, we prepared a snack for the sake association and a work of Japanese sweets for the tea party.Shiotani-san prepared a sake bowl, a matcha bowl, and a vase.The prepared pottery was used in the workshop.From my work, there are many fun things, such as snacks are actually prepared, and tea-talker Muneyu Baba gets inspirations from my works to make pasta japanese sweets, and i forgot the time and enjoyed myself.

Delusion Super Express Premium

It was an exhibition with artists who have been presenting works that are fun and unique.A workshop was held during the exhibition.Mr. Koyama Shinobu’s “Let’s Make a Delusion Path Case”In, i sew a wonderful pass case of Mr. Koyama shinobu’s design together and complete it.In the workshop of Fukumo Pottery, “Let’s make a souvenir of the delusion self-commemorative hallThe idea sketched the work that spread the delusion, and the pottery which was made based on it and completed from Fukumo arrives at a later date.Both of these workshops were fun and full of fulfillment.


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This is an event for Hakuhakuan, which i was able to participate in from 2015 to 2016.