Group Exhibition 2019

Group Exhibition 2019

Gochiso-cho Exhibition

The tongue of the imagination is long and reaches anywhere.
(Uchida Hyakuho “Gochiso-Cho”)

“Rice cake in the picture” is a metaphor for useless things.
But of the rice cake drawn,
Or a rice cake that has not even been drawn,
The pleasure of imagining the taste
Isn’t it not worth it?
Before eating new year dishes, let’s enjoy what you don’t eat “Gochiso-cho” .
Unlimited unlimited food.
Shin Ikeda (Artist, Curation of This Exhibition)
December 13 -22, 2019

Takahiro IKEDA
Yoshitaka OKADA
Takashi KIUCHI
Chigusa YUKI

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PRISM 2019

March 30 – April 14, 2019
Participating artists
Saboko Ono
Yoko Shimura
Brian Tucker
Midori Terashima
Kazmier Maslanka
Kaoru Minamino
Chigusa Yuki

Every year, at this time of year, I feel impatient.This is because i have imposed an essay on prism, the first exhibition of the Zone, and a group exhibition.The purpose of the exhibition is to make the gallery space look like a prism, and to make the individuality of the seven artists who exhibit more prominent.In other words, it is an attempt to put seven colors of rainbow in the gallery space.Therefore, whenever you think about a sentence, the number “7” becomes a keyword.It’s the tenth time this year, but it’s not like the story is rolling.First of all, I thought from my feet, and i picked up a collection of works from “Minoh no Mori Art Walk”, which I recently published.Especially, the desire is deep in this book which took more than one year by the time of publication.It is well made while praising one’s own drawing.As I continued the page for a while, i saw a picture of the executive committee members.Well, how are there seven people?In the 2017 Art Walk, seven executive committee members were one, and despite the bad weather, a large rainbow was built on the minoh mountain.Thanks. Apparently, the number “7” seems to bring fortune to the Zone.Again this year, artists with different races, ages, genders, nationalities, experiences, and media will build a large rainbow of seven colors in the space of the gallery of only 16 square meters.I hope that not only artists but also visitors will be able to bring dreams, hopes and good luck.By any chance, the Zone might be a power spot.

Toru Nakatani, Representative of The Zone, Contemporary Art Gallery