Exhibitions in stores

Exhibitions in stores

Nursing home

K Love J was exhibited in a nursing home.

Gold Castle Coffee

The coffee roasting place in Sakurai Market, the manager of Goldcastle Coffee, ha
s renovated the space himself, and the texture of wood, soil, etc. is attractive.
It was exhibited twice in 2019.
The feeling of material of Dongoros also suits the space well.
It is a shop where you can enjoy a fragrant specialty tea coffee.


HAMON Cafe is a bakery, but there is a café space on the second floor, and there is a spacious and relaxing space.
The exterior is brick, and the inside of the shop is retro and heavy.
Address 2-2-26Nishitanabe-ch
o, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Osaka.com/hamoncafe

Shimano Coffee Co., Ltd.

Shimano Coffee Co., Ltd. is a coffee roasting place located in Higashi-Osaka.
In 2016, through haizai x Art Project, Shimano Coffee Co., Ltd. received a bag containing coffee beans.
It is a place where coffee is fragrant from all over the world.
In the café space of this roasting place, there is a work which depicts Hemingway who was a writer who likes coffee.