Before 2008

Before 2008

This web site was made around April-May 2020 to make a fuss with COVID-19.When I organized the images of my past works, I was able to look at them calmly as time passed.On this page, we will post a good state of the image of the venue scenery from the material found.

Rock and Roll Audience Exhibition

Photo by Shinsuke Nagata

We had an exhibition in a gallery on the first floor.This is an exhibition of two people with Kotaro Inoue.

2007 Solo Exhibition

Kaitotsu Gallery CASO is the first gallery to hold a group exhibition off-school when i was a student.I’ve known it since it opened, and I was surprised to see a large gallery like overseas in Osaka at the time.This is the scene of the exhibition when i graduated.We held a solo exhibition and a group exhibition at the same time.

Painting 2007 observation x image Exhibition

This is a group exhibition held at the same time as the solo exhibition.It’s pretty much the same as concrete, but the members are a little different.Concrete was organized by Mr. Nakagawa, but this is an exhibition that I planned.The top is a solo exhibition and the lower is the group exhibition hall.

concrete 2006 Exhibition

Concrete is a group exhibition organized by the painter Masabumi Nakagawa.When I look back on myself, I’m always at a loss, but i was in a dark and dark state of how to live and how to continue my work as a writer, so the connection between the artists moved me and inspired me to do a good thing.We had several other exhibitions in the same group.